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Why is my password being rejected? Registration The system requires a password that contains a capital letter and any keyboard characters (eg. keyboard characters like #, %,*,*@ etc ) .The password should have at least six characters. Edit | Details | Delete
Why does the registration form clear all my previously entered data when I make an error? Registration The system is set to clear all data and default to a fresh registration form so you can re-enter your details. Edit | Details | Delete
How do I de-select or change a publication I have picked? Subscription Click the negative(–) and positive(+) signs indicated on the shopping cart form to add and subtract. Edit | Details | Delete
Is it possible to subscribe for more than a week? Subscription Yes it is. You just click the positive (+)sign to indicate number of weeks you wish to subscribe for. You will note that the total will be simultaneously adjusted as the length of your subscription increases. Edit | Details | Delete
When can I start accessing the publication I subscribed for? Subscription Immediately after you finish registering, you should be able to view your preferred publication. Edit | Details | Delete
Why is my visa card not working? Payment The PayNow system could be down. Please try again after a few minutes. If the problem persists, try to use mobile money options if you are within Zimbabwe. Edit | Details | Delete
When will I get confirmation of payment? Payment Instantly after paying ,you will receive a confirmation via your mobile phone or email or both. Edit | Details | Delete
Can I switch my subscription from one title to another? Publications No you can't. Once you pay for a specific title you cannot swap to another. Your access will be limited only to those publications you have paid for. Edit | Details | Delete
Can I view or access past editions of the publication I subscribed for? Publications Yes you can, by clicking on the VIEW button of the title you have subscribed for you can view past copies. Edit | Details | Delete
Are there free titles? Publications Yes there are three (3) free publications that are accessible to any subscriber. One is a daily business freesheet called BH24, and the other two are weekly papers which are Suburban Avondale and Suburban Borrowdale. Edit | Details | Delete